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Incompletes and Holds

Incompletes. If your work in a master’s-level class is not completed at the end of the quarter due to extenuating circumstances (as the seminary has defined them – see below), you can request an Incomplete.

  • If you are interested in requesting an incomplete, talk directly with your professor.
  • Each faculty member decides whether work not finished at the end of the quarter warrants an Incomplete grade for the course, a reduction in grade, or a grade of F. The policy for the course is to be stated clearly in the course syllabus.
  • Because there is no form, you do not need to obtain your professor’s signature or approval from the Registrar’s Office.
  • The professor will post “I” grades at the same time as all other grades, once finals week concludes.

Incompletes are not possible if:

  • You have not attended at least 80% of class meetings; or
  • You have not participated in at least 80% of the required online interaction

Incompletes are only appropriate when

  • you simply have a portion of the assignments that you could not complete, despite your best efforts, due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Only work that does not require interaction with others can be completed under an Incomplete.
  • Incompletes are to be granted only when your work in a course has not been completed due to extenuating circumstances.

Extenuating circumstances are major, unplanned, unanticipated, and unavoidable disruptions which make it impossible for you to complete a course within the quarter.Examples of such circumstances are

  • personal illness of more than a brief duration,
  • illness in the family that has required your attention,
  • death in the family, a personal or family crisis of a traumatic nature,
  • or an unplanned and unexpected increase in job responsibilities.

Examples of reasons which are not considered acceptable are

  • class load (at Fuller and/or elsewhere),
  • incomplete work from previous quarters,
  • general overload of classes (including internships) and work,
  • preparation for denominational exams or other special exams,
  • general church or job responsibilities or opportunities,
  • English language difficulties,
  • logistical problems (computer, typist, etc.),
  • difficulty of the class, or redoing work already submitted.
  • Incompletes are not permitted for the purpose of allowing you to improve your grade in a course, or just because you need more time to do a better job.
  • Incompletes can be granted on the basis of disability accommodations that provide additional time, but the Incomplete only provides the amount of additional time specified by the accommodation, not the entire additional quarter.
  • A grade of Incomplete is not to be given on the basis that the design of the course requires more work than can reasonably be expected to be completed within the quarter,
  • or that any assignment requires extended time or cannot be done within the quarter in which the course occurs. (This situation is not supposed to exist.)

Work to be completed under an Incomplete may, at the professor’s discretion, include a take-home final examination or a scheduled in-class final examination. The professor decides when, within the additional quarter allowed for the Incomplete, the final must be taken (it is not automatically extended to the end of the quarter).

If the Incomplete is granted, your completed coursework is due to the professor by the end (11:59pm Pacific Time) of the last day of the following quarter. Summer Quarter is considered a regular academic quarter, and is not excluded from this.

When you are granted an Incomplete, your first priority must always be completing that work. You should not take on additional course work unless you can also complete the older unfinished work. Although you have an entire additional quarter, you should plan on completing your unfinished work as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. An Incomplete granted on the basis of disability accommodations that provide additional time only provides the amount of additional time specified by the accommodation, not the entire additional quarter.

Grade penalties for work completed during this period may be assessed if such a policy has been clearly described in the syllabus for the course. If the work for the course has not been completed by the end of the additional quarter, the faculty member determines whether a reduced grade or a grade of F is warranted, based on what you have completed and the grading policy published in the course syllabus. The Incomplete must be resolved to a regular grade (A through C-, Pass or F) at this time. The grade of Incomplete cannot remain on the record.

Incompletes are not calculated in your grade point average. However, they are also not considered satisfactory grades when measuring satisfactory academic progress.

Holds. If you are enrolled in 700-level or 800-level classes and your work has not been completed at the end of the quarter of registration, you may request a “Hold” grade from the professor. This allows one additional quarter to complete the work. Unless an extension is granted by the Academic Affairs Committee of the school or program, the completed work must be submitted to the professor no later than the last day of the following quarter (including Summer), and a grade must be submitted. The Hold grade cannot remain. Individual faculty members are not authorized to extend deadlines under any circumstances.

Individual faculty members are not authorized to extend deadlines for the Incomplete or Hold under any circumstances.

Handbook > Academic Policies > Incompletes and Holds