Fuller Seminary Student Handbook

This is your official reference guide to student life at Fuller Theological Seminary. While all of your questions may not be answered by the information provided in this handbook, many will be! The seminary publishes The Student Handbook as a guide for the various student resources, organizations, and offices as well as official seminary policies and statements.

We encourage you to explore the entire handbook. You are expected to be aware of and adhere to all regulations and policies outlined in this handbook. Ignorance of such things is not a basis for any exceptions to seminary policies.

We also encourage you not to print The Student Handbook, but to turn to it online as a resource when you need it. The information it contains is subject to change throughout the year, and we will keep it updated for you.

For any of those other student life questions you cannot find in The Student Handbook, please stop by the Office of Student Engagement on the first floor of the David Allan Hubbard Library or call 626-584-5435. For questions related to registration, academic policy, or curriculum, consult your Academic Advising Office, your local Regional Campus office, or the Registrar’s Office (626-584-5408).