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The transcript of your official permanent academic record includes all work ever done for academic credit at Fuller. It covers all degree programs. Separate transcripts are not available for individual degree programs or calendar periods. Only complete transcripts may be issued. Audit enrollments are not recorded on transcripts. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are not a part of your academic record, and therefore do not appear on your transcript.

Courses registered and grades received in a given quarter will not appear on your transcript until two weeks after the last day the quarter.

The transcript of your academic record cannot be released without a signed request or release from you. A form is available for such a request in the Registrar’s Office, or may be downloaded from our website at http://www.fuller.edu/registrar/transcripts.

The providing of transcripts is considered a student service which may be withheld if your financial standing with the seminary is not satisfactory.

We’re sorry, but we cannot provide copies of transcripts of your work at other schools. They must be requested directly from the institutions which granted the credit. We suggest you plan ahead and always have several copies of your transcripts from other schools you attended on hand. Likewise, when you finish your degree at Fuller, order several copies of your Fuller transcript to have on hand.

Details on all current transcript services, charges, and policies, as well as the transcript request form, can be found at http://www.fuller.edu/registrar/transcripts.

Handbook > Student Records > Transcripts