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Withdrawal from the Seminary

If you decide to discontinue your work at the seminary for any reason, before you withdraw from the Seminary, you should consult your academic advisor so that they are aware of your plans, and can alert you to any unexpected consequences  Be sure to contact Financial Aid in case your decision will impact any grants or loans you have in place, and contact Student Financial Services and make sure your accounts are cleared. Additional special procedures apply to School of Psychology doctoral students. (See the Clinical Psychology Student Handbook.)

Once you are certain that there will be no unexpected negative consequences, withdraw from the Seminary by dropping all your classes through the online Registration process, or submit your petition to withdraw from the Seminary and drop your classes after the deadline.

Extended Absence (Nonenrollment). If you do not enroll (and remain enrolled) for a period of one year (four quarters) or more, you must apply for reinstatement before you can register again. Details are available in the Office of Admissions. If you are reinstated, you must meet the degree requirements in effect at the time you resume enrollment, even if they have changed from the requirements in effect when you began. Courses you took before may no longer meet the same requirements, or you may have to take additional courses to meet new requirements.

Handbook > Academic Policies > Withdrawal from the Seminary