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Alternative Diplomas and Transcripts

In some circumstances, a diploma or transcript from a theological seminary may cause significant difficulties in the places where our alumni/ae are working or seek to work. To resolve this problem, Fuller Theological Seminary has taken legal steps to allow it also to identify itself as Fuller Graduate Schools.

Fuller Theological Seminary remains the true legal name.

Criteria. The right to receive an alternative diploma and/or transcripts with the heading Fuller Graduate Schools may be granted for the following reasons:

  • Physical safety. Students who are living and working in areas that are known to be hostile to Christians or to religious institutions may be granted an alternative diploma and/or transcript. Previous incidents of harassment of Christians, physical danger, or governments and cultures known to be hostile would be examples of contexts that may justify the alternative documents.
  • Restriction of professional status. Students who are unable to pursue professional status because their diploma and transcript come from a Christian seminary may be allowed to receive the alternative documents. For example, students who wish to teach in universities in Brazil may need the alternative documents, as Brazil does not recognize doctoral diplomas and transcripts from seminaries.

Petition Process. Any student may submit a petition to receive a diploma and transcripts with the Fuller Graduate Schools heading. On the petition, you must indicate why you believes that the use of the alternative name would be appropriate for your situation. Petition forms are available on the Registrar’s website, and from the following offices:

  • School of Psychology: From the academic advisors in the Marriage and Family and Clinical Psychology departments.
  • School of Intercultural Studies: From the offices of the director of doctoral programs, the director of MA programs, and the director of Korean studies programs.
  • School of Theology: From the academic advising office, the CATS office, the DMin and Korean DMin offices, and the various Extended Education offices.

All petitions are subject to the review and approval of the faculty of the respective school.

Services and Procedures. If the petition is approved, it allows you to request transcripts with the Fuller Graduate Schools heading, and to request a diploma with that heading.

Each time a transcript is requested, you must specifically request the FGS format if that is the transcript you want to be sent. Otherwise, the standard Fuller Theological Seminary transcript will automatically be sent. The fees for transcript service are the same in either case.

Handbook > Academic Policies > Alternative Diplomas and Transcripts